Bolzano - a city of delights 

Bolzano is the northernmost city in Italy and the southern part of the former Austria. A unique bilingual and multicultural world in the city. In Bolzano are also found in the kitchen two peoples enjoy and make the city a paradise for gourmets in the Alps. Mediterranean cuisine fused with traditional Austrian cuisine for the palate. Creative chefs combine the best ingredients from Italy with the culinary tradition of the Alps. Sommelier to pour out of South Tyrol's award-winning wines, white wines such as the Terlaner or the Bolzano Lagrein and invite you to taste the deep red Italian grape juices. The Boyner Feature: Best food you will find not only in the Michelin restaurant, but at every corner - Bolzano promises not onlypure pleasure, it also keeps his promise. 

Attractions: Bolzano offers many attractions including the Cathedral, by Hans Lutz von Schussenried the early 16th Century design, the Dominican church with the frescoes of Giotto's school and the impressive cloister and the magnificent Baroque Benedictine monastery of Muri-Gries. Of simple beauty is the old parish church of gravel, which holds the wing altar of the great master Michael Pacher. 
To the Middle Ages, you will feel in the old town. The gothic arches, "bowers" called up today is the shopping center. The western end is the colorful fruit market. Around the Piazza Walther, with the monument of the minstrel Walther von der Vogel pasture, are the palaces of the city nobles. One of the most beautiful of them, the Merkantilpalast holds a permanent sales exhibition of local crafts. The baroque inner courtyard of the Palais Campofranco transformed for the Christmas season into a "winter wonderland". 
The town is bordered to the west of the Savings Bank town houses from the street with turn of the century. Behind the Talferfluss begins the new town, which was designed in the 30s after the rationalistic taste of the time. Here is also the Victory Monument, which the fascists built after they fell to the South Tyrol. The Tourist Office offers guided Bolzano city tours on foot or by bicycle, to discover the sights.

Historic art tour: Let yourself be guided by the "art-historical tour" to the sights of the medieval city of Bolzano.

29th - 31thMay   2015


For product pavilions and stalls in the old town of Bolzano, you can see for themselves first hand the variety and quality of regional products with guarantee of origin. There are traditional South Tyrolean food culture and tradition. 
In a varied program star and renowned chefs prepare delicious dishes from South Tyrol's quality products. 
The following products with guaranteed quality and origin are presented at this year's festival South enjoyment: 
Wine, apples, milk, bacon, bread and bakery specialties, vegetables, berries and cherries, unfiltered apple juice, fresh apple slices and dried fruit, honey, grappa, herbs and spices, and new this year, since the beef.

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